Arson? No. Just Another Friendly Visit

On Tuesday, 19th March, I arrived at the casino's pool in the afternoon in the company of my new girlfriend, 39-YO Layaney (Laylay) Day. She's very tall and black, and is blessed with both beauty and a certain personal magnetism. A formerly budding comedian in Los Angeles, she had been through a very rough year, with her mother having passed away and herself having been STABBED ELEVEN TIMES during an altercation with the girlfriend of an ex-boyfriend the previous August.

I pretended that she was an ex-supermodel and fawned over her and what-not, for fun. This created a fair bit of attention among the overwhelmingly white, oh-so-easily-wowed tourists. I did things like get on the phone and "talk to" Heidi Klum in German about how Laylay was recovering from her trip over, that sort of thing. We were smoking cigarettes when the long-haired security guy came over and told us we had to leave the pool, since people were complaining about us "smoking weed". I don't remember smoking weed there that day, but we did at the apartment before hand, and I was quite high.

He stood there with arms folded, sunglasses on, posing like he was all serious. I thought it was a joke, since we had had a good rapport prior to that, and he had seen me coming and going there over the prior couple of weeks or so. So we ceremoniously gathered up our things and left, which astonished the other guests near us. How could they throw *us* out? Others had been smoking weed.

"Arson" Caught on Video

We made our way to the Juice Bar between the pool complex and the main casino floor. Laylay went into the restroom to get dressed, whilst I stood at the bar. When she came out, I went and got a drink for us and returned. (We weren't about to drink juice from the bar.)

As can be seen in my edited version of the casino's surveillance video (I added the time code and sped it up 10x) obtained by my lawyer, Laylay had standing there at the end of the counter for a couple of minutes before I entered the bar from the pool area at 4:46:56 PM, from the upper right, wearing an Aussie cowboy hat.

After standing around the bar nearly 12 minutes, I got the idea to demonstrate to her, humourously, that you can not burn granite (the countertop at the bar) with lighter fluid. I squirted some out, lit it on fire, and subsequently blew it out after a few seconds. The bartender came over and said something to us, but did NOT ask us to leave. I remember wiping up the residual, unburned lighter fluid when we did leave, nearly 3 uneventful minutes later.

That is all I recall of the incident.

Here are a couple of screen grabs, one of the fire and of me blowing it out:

I don't recall shaking hands or conversing with the guy as can be seen early on in the video, but I point it and the clip of my waving goodbye to the bartender out to indicate that there was certainly NO SIGN that the bartender was threatened or thought "arson" had been committed. It was simply a normal visit to the bar, with the additional excitement of my lighting a small fire and blowing it out as a joke.

And here's a screen grab of my waving goodbye to the bartender:

(I had performed a similar stunt at the bar at Hooter's a week or so before, lighting an ash tray on fire one night as a joke for one of the female bartenders I knew there. In that case, the 6'9" black security guard whom I became acquainted with during a stay there came over (it had been caught on camera, of course) and waved his finger at me. That was it. Harmless. A joke. I wasn't asked to leave, nor was I arrested for "arson". Hooters is pretty laid back and cool, whereas the xxx takes itself just a bit too seriously.