Guess my idea for a business needs some fleshing out. My 1967 Lincoln Continental convertible is running with a newly rebuilt (thanks Dennis, Zen Master of Motors) carburetor.


I want to drive tourists around in it, and hey, whoever else would like to, like working girls who otherwise pay uber. But with this, they can get free advertizing or something.


Here's a video of my first night driving it around. A car blew past me at a red light with no lights on. Although it's a big-block V8 (462 cc 7.6L!), it ain't fast, bc it weighs well over 3 tons. Then I just let it sit there and admired it. It's amazing. And then a quick viddy by day.


This is just the start. Something to keep me occupied and out there meeting people and figuring out what to do long term. I'm open to ideas.


It will need a big fat sound system and I'll probably paint it black. To operate as a driver will require some legal red tape. Fair enough.


And I wanna have a mural of a wolf with a bloody piece of meat in his maul mounting a lady wolf who also has a big bloody piece of meat in her maul on that big trunk. Very probably paint it black like the JFK mobile was.